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Students’ Policies

Exam Procedures

Global Institute of Theology

Exam Integrity

We consider the exam’s integrity with all seriousness. Exam procedures are listed on every exam, whether on paper or online. Any breach of the established rules will result in failing the course and disciplinary actions decided by Global University. Students must never log-on to the exam page on their own. This is the exam supervisor’s responsibility. Students must provide identification to their proctors unless they are already known to them. Identification must agree with the application identity information submitted with their admission application. Failure to do this may result that the student will not be able to take the exams. The student applies for the exam by filling the online exam date request form. This is received by the student representative. (We suggest that the form is submitted between one to two weeks prior the first option date). The student representative assigns the exam supervisor to the student. Home-grown courses’ exam will be treated with the same criteria GU uses after consultation. Only exam supervisors can access the exam paper or log in the students to take their exam.

The exam Supervisors are:

Agius Joseph Axisa Grazio Crant Todd Cushcieri Geoff McCartney Gloria McCartney Richard Pinkston Earl

Taking Exams

Unless there is a special reason, exams must be taken at GIT office. Other venues must be approved by the national director. Unless there is a special reason, exams must not be taken at the home of the student.  Since most of our students are adults with many other responsibilities besides study, they have the privilege to choose their day and time to take their exams. They can do this by  filling the online exam date request form and provide three options for the exam supervisor. If other unforeseen circumstances prevents students from taking the exam on the agreed date, the student can again request to change the day and time by re- filing the online exam date request form. This procedure is repeated when students fail and exam and need to take a resit.

Proctor’s Policies and Procedures.

Proctors receive their assignment from the student representative. The proctor in person open the exam if taken by paper and pencil. The proctor alone can log in for the exam especially the CL, CS, and BSB exams. The proctor must not reveal the passwords for the undergraduate online exams and must log on himself on behalf of the students. After supervising the exam, proctors need to fill the proctor’s declaration form. Any abnormal happenings during the exam, must be reported directly to the student representative and copied to the director at earliest possible on the same day. The above procedures are the same for resit.