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Students’ Policies



Probably you are on this page because you are nearing the end of your course and are looking forward to your graduation ceremony. The following guidelines may answer questions that you may have. However, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. It will undoubtedly help us to provide future students with better information. It is our commitment to provide for you all the information needed since this is also a quality assurance endeavor.


Students will need to complete all the coursework required by the program audit given to them by Global University registrar. This would also require that the students met the passing grade as required in the program prospectus of the course. Only in some instances that students would be allowed to graduate if they still need to complete one course. However, Global University will not provide the transcripts to the students during the graduation ceremony..


Students that may have been found out of academic dishonesty during their course of study will not be allowed to be part of the graduation ceremony.


Students that have not fulfilled their financial obligations will not be allowed to graduate and be part of the ceremony. Only the director, after consulting the board of directors and other stakeholders will have the discretion to allow students in unpaid status to graduate. This will be on a case by case ruling.


All graduation costs are to be paid by the graduating student. Some of the expenses are shared by the group of the students that are graduating. Costs will include: renting of gowns/stoles/hat Diploma and cover Program booklets renting of venue when the venue is rented donation towards venue when required Global University transcripts expenses (transcripts are always sent by secure mail. Reception.