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Students’ Admission



Procedures for Student Admission

Students can apply to anyone of the programs that GIT offers, if the students have the entry requirements.


Global Institute of theology can accept international students. However, such applications are not yet formal. Consequently, prospective students need to interact personally with our administration at For programs in MQF levels 2, students are required to have an adequate ability of reading and understanding English. For level 3, there are two options. First, a school leaving certificate that proofs adequate understanding of English. The second option is for prospect students who do not have a school leaving certificate is to take an English proficiency test. For the Ministerial Studies program (MQF Level 5), the above applies. To apply to Global Institute of Theology’s ministerial program, B.A. degrees or undergraduate certificates, an interview must be conducted with the head of school. After this interview, the student may be asked to take a proficiency test. Academic CV must be provided for all higher education programs.

Induction to the Institute

Once preliminary interviews and required academic information has been submitted, the student will received guidance to enroll in a program that meet his or her needs. After the selection, the relevant application must be submitted. After GU accepts the students into the program, they will receive a student number and log-in information for their choice of studies. Academic probation is necessary if students’ GPA is under 2.00 for GU’s degrees and other undergraduate certificates <place these on website>

Course Materials

Students can o pick up their printed study guides and within 5 business days. o download the material digitally from students’ portal Payment for registration fee and course fees will be required when picking up materials for the class or download material. Payment can be made by check or online banking. Bank receipt can be sent by email or post. When a class has been started, the student has six months to complete the class. For a fee, an extension can be granted for an additional six months


Official costs are listed by each program. These are found on the GIT website under the tab “costs.”

Important Information

Students with disabilities are accommodated according to their special needs whenever that is possible. This includes modifying exam procedures and rules. For example, students with impaired vision are allowed to have a proctor read exam questions and mark the student’s selected response. Students diagnosed with severe test anxiety may be allowed extra time or special environments in which to complete the exam.
Maltese Students International Students


Students that are enrolled in a program will then need to enroll in the modules that make up the course. There is a simple procedure to to this.

Subject Enrollment Form

Fill the Subject Enrollment form using this link:

Printing Module Request

If students want a printed copy, they must use on of the following links, depending the program of study:

Christian Life

Christian Servce

Ministerial Studies (BSB)


For the students to apply for the date of their exam, they need to fill this form. For an comprehensive procedures for exams, please read the exam procedure page.