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Ethics and Academic Integrity


Honesty and Responsibility.

We refer to Academic Integrity as the overflow of the students own integrity reflected in their work. Their work needs to reflect honesty and responsibility. Consequently, are expected to provide papers that scholarly honest in its originality. Therefore, referencing sources of information must be clear and according to Global University’s Form and Style hand book. Students are expected to submit their original work while quoting research references. They are to be honest in their originality as this is impartaive to the Christian Charter. Collaborative and cooperative work is to be acknowledged. The guiding spiritual trait of the students is righteousness. Therefore, academic integrity is not just the cornerstone of Global University, but also the testimony of Christ. The moral values of the students is evidence by academic honesty. Cheating and defrauding is not at all in the spirit of the courses the students are learning.

Basic Standards of Academic Integrity

Registration with GIT requires observance to Global university's standards of academic integrity. Many of these standards may be intuitively understood and cannot in any case be listed exhaustively; the following examples represent some basic types of behaviour that are unacceptable:



Plagiarism is stealing. Therefore, breaking one of God’s commandments is

considered sinful. Therefore, extreme care needs to be taken when presenting work

by abiding with the rules of honest writing. (see plagiarism on left hand side menu)



a. using unauthorized notes, aids, or information when taking an examination b. submitting work done by someone else as your own c. copying or paraphrasing someone else's essays, projects, or other work and submitting it as your own. 3. Fabricating: falsifying or inventing any information, data, or citation.


Obtaining an unfair advantage:








gaining access to examination materials prior to the time authorized by the

instructor or examination supervisor


unauthorized collaborating on an academic assignment


retaining, possessing, using, or circulating previously given examination

materials where those materials clearly indicate they are to be returned to the

examination supervisor or to the Global University offices at the conclusion of

the examination.

Disciplinary action for not maintaining basic standards of academic integrity may range from lowering a grade for a paper to dismissal from the program, depending on the severity of the offense